3 Positive Thinking Techniques to help You Alter your Destiny

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If you are reading this article, then it is easy for us to establish that you are thinking of ways and means to turn around your life ... from darkness to light. Our job is not to give you new tips. We would guess that you nearly know everything. Our role, here, is merely to provide you a right approach towards life using established positive thinking techniques that work.

Wishful Thinking Vs Realistic Positive Thinking

There is a difference between wishful thinking and realistic positive thinking. Before handing you over some workable tips, we need to recognize these two terms. Thanks to a few black sheep in the personal development industry, people are being misguided. There’s an impression that’s being promoted to only think positive, visualize and DO NOTHING ... and everything will manifest in real life.

Friends, it doesn’t work this way. If such was the case, then there would be no poverty, no wars, no animosity between various societies in this world etc. And nothing else could be far from the truth.

Wishful thinking states that one must think positive, visualize, pray and leave everything to God without taking any major decision/action in the direction of one’s goal. Whereas, realistic positive thinking suggests that a person must think positive, evaluate the negatives as well, be prepared for the worst-case scenario and take all action in his / her might to achieve the goals, including encountering and overcoming real life obstacles.

If we can agree upon choosing the second path, i.e. the path of realistic positive thinking which WILL be the path of maximum resistance, then you may be able to alter your life forever. Just follow these 3 steps:

Love Positive Thoughts

When you love something, you automatically tend towards it subconsciously. And that’s the catch with positive thoughts as well. Since childhood, we are programmed towards negativity. Positivity is not taught in schools and colleges. Therefore, our outlook towards life is overall negative. Even our dreams and goals don’t have the backing of any burning desire. Most of us take them for granted.
You need to reverse this. Love positive thoughts. It will take a few weeks or may be a few months. You would have to consciously focus on it. But the outcome will be to your advantage.

Autosuggestion Techniques

In conjunction with the above tip, autosuggestion is significant to transform your life. Best conveyed by Napoleon Hill in Think & Grow Rich, autosuggestion is a process of positive self-talk. Having a strong belief and faith that you will be able to do anything and be able to surmount any obstacle in life. Your ‘I AM’ sentences should be positive, future-oriented and should have a very strong desire behind it so that the Universe doesn’t take it for granted.

Apply the Law of Attraction

Yes, it works! How does it work? There are various opinions on it. One such opinion is presented here - http://www.whatisdestinytuningtechnique.com. It reveals the correct approach towards the law of attraction. We recommend you to take a look at it and implement it.